There are more than 10,000 self storage facilities in the Spain alone. That’s too many to select from. Our goal is to make it easier for you to find clean, secure and inexpensive self storage. Many of the self storage facilities we profiled have space for your personal and business items. Before we list any facility on our website, we have a conversation with management to determine whether they will be a good option for our website visitors. We don’t just list anyone!

If you need help finding self storage, just let us know what city you are in and what you need!

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The rise and fall of the Spanish housing market is rapidly drawing to a close with a diminishing supply of properties ‘bargain’ on offer. Smart owners who know the real value of their property refuse to be swept away by the panic that is being installed in others by ruthless agents of the property and fortune seekers alike.

Some of these agents have little or no interest in their clients that are trying to sell and sold voluntarily drive prices down to ensure that they continue to achieve its margins – whatever happens. These agents have little or no effort beyond, listing the property on the Internet and a quick visit to his window for a few days. Embarrassed, most of these agents are British.

In recent years, there has been a significant increase in the number of sellers list their own properties, villas for sale in Calpe are the most popular. This means they can offer a real discount to prospective buyers about 5% of the sale price by not having to pay an agent of this money!

Agents say that potential buyers are able to protect against unscrupulous sellers, but protects buyers from unscrupulous agents?

Only 5 or 6 years ago, some agents in Spain were charging up to 10% of the selling price in installments, while in the UK the charges were often less than 1%. This has made Real Estate in Calpe offering villas for sale in Calpenot charge these fees but not about all

What can you offer an Agent that a private seller can not?

* Most offer free transportation from your hotel to the display and back

* They have a selection of properties in a variety of areas to show

* They can negotiate on your behalf with the seller on the price

* It can point you in the direction of his favorite lawyer

* Sometimes it will be collected and returned to the airport Free

* They will email you frequently to keep you informed about the properties and prices **

* They can sometimes speak a language that some sellers can not

What are the advantages of dealing directly with the seller?

* The strips Seller Agent fees Price – The buyer gets a 5% discount

* Most salespeople know instinctively how far they can go in reducing prices

* Vendors know their way around your own home, agents rarely do

* The buyer can ask any questions directly unequivocally later

* The seller can explain exactly how the buyer can get the best of the property

* The buyer can agree all the arrangements with the seller and uncomplicated

* The seller can be so helpful in directing you to a number of lawyers

* The buyer generally can communicate 24/7 with the seller but not an Agent

* Some vendors speak more than one European language

* With the Vendor you have all the time they wish to inspect and recheck

There is now a lot of websites that advertise sales by owners, why give 5% to the agents for their lackluster efforts?

This situation is the same if you are buying in Spain, France, Italy, Greece or anywhere else in the Mediterranean.

In other countries such as Belgium and the Netherlands, it is getting a lot of fashion or perhaps to take advantage of the opportunity to get real bargains in buying villas in calpe or as they call it: Villa te koop Calpe

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Self-storage with climate control

If you are planning to keep your documents for a long time, your electronic gadgets secure, or put your prized wine collection in a safe place and enjoy them as they age, you should opt for specialist self-storage facilities which offer climate control units that are adapted for your goods.

Too high humidity levels can cause your electronic items to short circuit and malfunction. Too low humidity levels can dry corks out over time, allowing oxygen to enter the bottle and reduce the wine’s quality. Low humidity levels also make paper and other materials brittle and prone to damage. Sudden changes in temperature may hasten the deterioration of your goods. This is the best option for your villas for sale in moraira  Climate control storage units will have their temperature, ventilation, and humidity maintained at a safe level to keep your stored articles in pristine condition and accessible whenever and however often you wish. Your archived documents and other vulnerable materials will be safe and secure just the way you want it.

You may be charged extra for the climate control option but knowing that your documents and other climate-sensitive items are kept in safe and secure environment and in good condition is worth every dime spent. Be sure to specify the climate condition you want for your stored items or better yet, discuss with your self-storage provider the perfect environmental conditions for your stored goods.

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Mobile Storage and Self-Storage Benefits Compared

Is your clutter starting to push you out of your home? Do you have to squeeze around things just to walk around? Is there nowhere to place your extra stock and business things? Are you renovating your house or downsizing? Do you have things that are too special to part with, but you never use? If the answer was yes to any of these, then you’ll find that self-storage can help you.

People are buying things more then ever these days, filling up their homes or offices. Self-storage is a facility that offers different sized units to store your things in. It is very easy to access your items because most places are open 24/7. And they are maintained well so that your items are dry and clean. They also provide security in the form of surveillance cameras, alarm systems, security personnel, and perimeter fencing. Customers can even furnish their own lock. And no one else has access to the unit, but the customer. The rent is affordable and can be on a long or short-term basis. See your Villa te koop Calpe Other amenities they may offer include climate-controlled units for fragile items and packing supplies for a small fee. Self-storage has made storing items very convenient for customers. Another convenience that has arisen is mobile storage.

Mobile storage companies will transport a portable container right to the customer’s home. They then can fill it up and pack it on their own time. When done packing, the company will come and pick up the container to store in their facility. This is very helpful to those wanting to save money on gas and time.

Though there are many benefits to mobile storage, self- storage facilities still offer much better security. There’s always the possibility of a mobile storage in Villa te koop Calpe container becoming misplaced. Also, because it wasn’t you who packed the items in the facility, the unit might not be packed to its fullest, meaning you may have to rent another space for your things.

There are advantages to both mobile storage and self-storage. It just all depends on your needs.

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How To Find a Secure Mini Storage Facility

If you don’t have room in your house for everything, but can’t get rid of anything then the obvious answer is mini storage. You can store things like collectibles, antiques, seasonal decorations, sports equipment, or extra furniture. You want to be careful though when you are storing valuable items. Make sure that the company has enough security so that you can rest assured in knowing that your things are safe. And you may have to pay more for a facility that offers higher quality security than other storage facilities, but it is well worth it.

Keep these guidelines in mind while you look for the best mini storage provider for your things. Each place you look at will have different measures of security. Where they are located makes a big difference with how high-tech of security they will have.

-Keypad Entry: The majority of facilities will provide a keypad entry procedure for whenever someone enters. Customers are given an access code that is unique to them so they can punch it in to get through the gate during the allowed hours.

– Locks: Some places require you to provide your own lock for your individual unit. You’ll want to spend money on a good quality lock, even if it is costs more. You will have the only key to your unit. However, you can give the management an extra key to hold for you in case you lose yours.

-Fencing: You want to find a facility that is entirely surrounded by good quality fencing that is tall.

-Lights: Observe the facility at night to make sure that the whole place is lit well to discourage intruders.

-Video Surveillance: If the facility has this then they can record who has come and gone from the facility. Newer systems that are digital provide a much better image then the older ones that use VCR tapes.

-Amount of Cameras: Make sure that the facility at least has one surveillance camera. This should be located at the central entrance gate. Although, some places have up to 15 cameras around their facility.

-Manager: A bonus to some facilities in the bigger cities is that they always have a manager on site during the hours that you have access to your unit.

-Hours: Most facilities are only open for certain hours. Your keypad code will not work after hours for these places. Other facilities are open 24-hours a day, but may charge an extra fee for 24-hour access.

Ask the manager of the facility any questions you may have regarding their security and access. You want to make sure that your things are stored well at a secure location.

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Moving and Storing Your Belongings The Green Way

You try to keep the Earth clean in any way you can, but it’s not easy to stay “green” while packing up your belongings to move. During the stress of packing and transporting your items, it may to hard to organize everything in a responsible way. Mini storage units can be a great solution to your problems. It is a great place to store your belongings while in the middle of moving to a new home or office. And it is very eco-friendly.

These are a few guidelines to follow when storing your things the green way.

  • Find movers that are eco-friendly – Look for a moving company that offers trucks that are biodiesel.
  • Don’t throw away Packing Materials – Don’t get rid of things you may need in the future.
  • Invest in some bins – It will be beneficial to you if you buy some bins that are made of recycled plastic and are sturdy. These are great for storing and moving because they stack together very well and can be used for years without worry of breaking.
  • Use things multiple times – You can use common things around the house as packing material for your more fragile items. Paper towels that are made of recycled paper are a great idea because you can re-use them later for cleaning purposes. Or, you could try packing paper that is compostable. This way, you can add it to your compost pile later on for your plants. Clothing, linens, and towels also work great to wrap your things and fill in gaps in the bins.
  • Compostable peanuts – Using packing cubes that are made up of newspaper sludge that is recycled is great for packing peanuts.
  • Use Zip ties – When made from plastic that is recycled, zip ties make a great securer. They are easier to use than tape and will easily latch on and off handles, knobs, latches, etc. They can be used to secure hose, cables, lids, furniture doors, and other wrapped things. And when you’re finished with them, you can recycle them.
  • The donation box – Pick some boxes for you to fill with things that you plan to donate to the thrift store. This way, you can get the things out of your way while moving and it will be easy to just shut the box and take them over. Some thrift stores will even pick up a load at your house for you.
  • Be safe – You are not allowed to store any food, toxic or flammable materials, or plants in a storage unit. Take the batteries out of your electronics. And have your cars checked out before storing so that they don’t leak.
  • Ask around – When the process of unpacking is over, you can question the facility’s manager whether or not anyone else could make use of your packing materials that you don’t need anymore.
  • Disposing Properly – Call the recycling place in your city so they can tell you the best way to get rid of your leftover packing materials and belongings.

The majority of mini storage facilities train their managers to know the city policies on how to properly dispose of things and other ways to be green. Always ask any questions you may have to ease your green conscience.

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How to Store Electrical Equipment in Mini Storage

Do you need additional space for your electronics and office equipment? You may just be in need of a storage unit for these purposes. But, you’ll want to take the necessary steps for keeping your electronics safe from rust, mold, breaking, or flooding. You don’t want all of the information that you’re storing to become obsolete.

Follow these steps to keep your hard drives, printers, copiers, CDs, software, and other electronics the same as before you stored them.

Climate Control

  • Any of the elements in the extreme can damage your items. If it is too cold, hot, or humid, then corrosion and breakage can occur. Some facilities will offer special units that are climate-controlled for an extra fee. They use heat and air-conditioning to keep your things at a moderate temperature.
  • If humidity is a constant factor, then don’t choose storage units that are level with the ground. Ask if the facility uses dehumidifiers.
  • If some electrical equipment has recently been stored in temperatures that are freezing, then you’ll want to allow 48 hours for it to rest before you attempt to turn it on.
  • Remove any DVDs, CDs, or Videos out of your players, drives, or camcorders.
  • Do not pack your computers and electronics in plastic wrapping because if you are storing for long periods of times, then the plastic will trap in any moisture, causing mildew and mold to grow. Use a canvas cover or cotton sheet to allow air to circulate, but to prevent dust from accumulating.
  • All your CDs, DVDs, and tapes should be stored in containers that are well build and airtight.
  • Any data you are storing should be backed up multiple times to ensure safety. Store them in different locations.
  • Think about using a fire safe if you’re storing important documents or files.
  • When storing important information on DVDs or CDs, have them password-protected.
  • Only packaging that is anti-static should be used for fragile devices and hard drives.
  • Using boards or what the facility may offer, place them on the floor to keep your electrical equipment raised.
  • You cannot keep anything plugged in while it is stored.
  • If you can, store any item in its original packaging.
  • In order to keep your monitors, screens, or scanner glass safe, wrap with bubble wrap or foam. Never lean any of these breakable objects against anything.
  • Don’t pack any boxes with more then thirty to fifty pounds. This way, there is less of a chance to hurt yourself or the items when you lift them to stack. Any gaps in the boxes need to be filled in with some packing materials so the things don’t shift while storing.

Make sure that you take these necessary precautions when storing your electronics. You don’t want to lose any data or items because of failing to be careful. The managers at the storage facility should be able to help instruct you on storing these things properly.

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Metal Storage Structure Kits

Storage can be an issue wherever you live. But, if you purchase a kit for a storage building, then it will make everything much easier on you. There are a variety of kits to choose from depending on the kind of storage structure that you desire. There are various styles, colors, sizes, and shapes to pick from. The sizes of the structure can range from 6’x6’ to as much as several thousand sq. ft. The smaller sized structures are usually utilized for things you may use everyday such as tools, children’s toys, or other small miscellaneous items. The bigger-sized units are commonly used to store building materials or equipment that farmers or industrial workers may use. Some could even be used for livestock as long as they are ventilated right.

The normal materials these structures are made from are aluminum or steel. However, if you build it yourself, you can choose the building material. The aluminum and steel ones usually come covered in a layer of enamel so that the elements don’t corrode them. Steel is the top choice though for building material. It is affordable and very strong. But, you will have take care of these units so that they don’t rust. Some building suppliers will include a rust warranty so that you don’t have to worry about it. Aluminum structures won’t corrode or rust as easily, but they are more expensive then steel.

There are more pros then cons to purchasing a building storage kit that is metal. They are inexpensive and very durable when compared to wood or plastic storage structures. Also, using storage containers that are metal can be very convenient too. They are affordable, portable and easy to find at most stores. You can use them for anything you can think of from a creative concession stand at a baseball game or to store your sports equipment if you’re on a travelling team. Whatever you decide to do with it, always look around for the best price. There are a lot of suppliers and manufacturers to pick from.

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Increasing Popularity of Climate Controlled Storage Units

Self-storage steel structures are normally around 43,000 sq. ft. So it takes a lot to control the temperature of such a large space. Many just end up spending more money because they aren’t informed on a better choice.

Steel storage buildings usually just have 2 inches of a vapor barrier in the roof of the building that stops any condensation or moisture from coming in. But, a storage building that is climate-controlled has insulation that better protects the building from moisture and high temperatures.

Some only put insulation that is three to four inches thick in the walls and six inches thick in the roof. It is recommended that there be six inches of insulation in the walls and roof to keep it energy efficient. It is worth the additional cost. You will save money in the long run. For example, if you spend more on insulating your house, then you will be saving on energy bills in the future. But, with self-storage units, the climate control all depends on the airflow inside each unit.

Some people will actually put ducts into every unit. That can be very expensive. There are better ways that are more cost-effective. Ductwork can be put in the hallway or maybe in every 3rd storage unit. Ceiling fans may also help to circulate the air better.

The air conditioning doesn’t need to be on and off at 72 degrees to keep the humidity in check. It won’t affect the humidity much and costs more also. In place of that, keep the air conditioning constantly on so that the humidity lowers to 65%. This is the target humidity range for storage units. And in order to not let any mold or mildew form, humidity should be kept under 60%.

Even though climate controlled units cost $1-1.50 more for each square foot then normal storage units, it is worth it. You can still make more money.

As a self-storage business owner, you can charge more money for the units that are climate-controlled. You can save a lot of money on building costs also if you are smart. It can depend on where you live though. It is always cheaper to buy building materials in the Mid-western part of the country.

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Building Your Own Storage Structure

Some people just don’t know where to turn when their house gets too cluttered. They end up living with it instead of doing something about it. This is where mini storage can be the ideal solution. These are structures that you can put up yourself. They have garage-like doors that roll up for easy access. These steel storage buildings are very cost-effective. You will be saving money using these in just 5 years. They are also easy to put up quickly then stone buildings.

When deciding on the size building you want to put up, you may need to look around and see what other people do. Some neighborhoods or cities have laws regarding these types of things, so be sure to look into that. The smaller size that fits your needs, the more cost effective it will be. You don’t want too large of a structure that you will never fill up.

There are various looks for the roofs on the storage buildings. Some are gabled and some are sloped for example. If you are building the structure right next to the house or another building, then you’ll want to change the shape so that water doesn’t get in between them. Of course gutters will be attached to the structure, but you don’t want all the water to gather in just one place.

The normal maximum height for these buildings is 16 feet. The metal building material is only meant to be strong enough to hold the building at this height. If you want it to be higher then 16 ft. then you will need to add a stronger commercial metal. The structures that have gable roofs, will need to be 14 ft.

You can use these storage buildings for almost anything. And they are cheap compared to other wooden or plastic storage sheds and are fairly easy to put up.

As soon as you choose what size structure you want, the building supplier will send the entire kit to the building site. They should include the instructions and may have some sort of service to help you out if you need it.

These buildings can be very convenient for storing smaller items. And not all areas require permission to build a structure in your yard. You’ll want to make sure that the building has a good strong foundation and you’ll want to correlate that with the size of the unit you order. And you may even need to install a bathroom inside of the storage structures in case it is being used frequently enough. So that will need to be factored in before building so that you allow room for it in the foundation. And you may want to match the style and color with your surroundings so that it looks good.

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Prosper At Storage Unit Auctions

It isn’t hard to win at a storage unit auction if you know what you are doing. No special skills or education is needed to make extra money each month. It all depends on the time that you put into it and how hard of a worker you are.

You may be able to find anything you want like electronics, furniture, various household items, or equipment. If you want to work from home and make some additional money, then try auctioning at mini storage auctions. It can become a very prosperous, legitimate work at home job for students, moms, or those in between two jobs.

All it takes is a little bit of practice to be able to spot what makes each unit a winner. And the excitement of bidding will sink in once the auction begins and people start to bid. Various things such as paintings, new, unopened items, silver dollars, and even a chandelier have been known to be inside these storage units.

Sometimes, people just go by their instincts if they think something valuable may be inside of a unit. You won’t be able to resist coming back when you strike it rich with a unit from a hunch that you had. You don’t know what you may find there.

You can resell the items by placing an ad in the classifieds section of the newspaper or by listing them on Auction Websites.

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